Wainman 2012 Punch 10.5m Kite With Bar | Used

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Wainman 2012 Punch 10.5m Kite With Bar 

Condition: Used

Information About The 2.0 Wainman Hawaii Punch Kite

Most gangs like to associate with famous boxers, but before being admitted to The Rabbit Gang,

The 2.0 Wainman Hawaii 10.5m Punch Kite had to walk a path through the hardest fight club on the planet. He didn't fail. Not a single fight. He didn't lose, not even once. Nor did he let down his crew. And so, despite his overlapping skills with the main Gang players, he was fully accepted by The Boss and offered a job. And the good old Smoke is simply happy to have a bigger buddy he can always rely on and hang out with...

The Punch, a 10.5 m gangster, the biggest of the "V" Rabbits that ever existed. A super powerful yet still very responsive and fun kite that will send you out of the ring...