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Red Paddle Snapper 9'4" SUP Board | 2017

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Stand-up paddleboarding is for everybody, not just the grown-ups, which is why we make the Red Paddle 9’4” Snapper, a SUP for kids up to 60kg/132lb. It’s shorter and narrower than, say, the Ride family, which makes it easier for young riders to manoeuvre, whether on a river or catching the swell off a sandbar. We’ve given it a peppy design so it’s a board kids can call their own but underneath it's got all the quality signifiers you'd expect of a Red Paddle Co board: it’s made using the same Tec Air process as the rest of our range; passes through the same quality control checks; and comes in the same innovative backpack. In other words, it offers the authentic Red
Paddle Co experience just packaged for the next generation of paddlers.

WHO’S IT FOR: Young SUP fans up to 60kg/132lb

WHAT’S IN THE BOX: Red Paddle Co backpack, HP pump, repair kit,
water-resistant phone case

Length: 9’4”
Width: 27”/686mm
Thickness: 3.93”/100mm
Volume: 170 litres
Rider weight: up to 60kg/132lb