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Red Paddle Ride XL 17' SUP Board | 2017

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The idea with the Ride family has always been to make stand up paddleboarding as
accessible as possible - anyone can have a go. The Red Paddle XL Ride is a different take on the idea. Now everyone can have a go - at the same time. At 17'0 long and 60" wide the Ride XL is designed to carry not one but a group of riders and the dog too. It's fun sociable and great exercise and we're already seeing people racing it. Technically the XL Ride is an extension of its sister Ride boards. It has a wide deck and tail so it's nice and stable even when you have eight people on it and it has multiple valves so a group of people can inflate it at the same time and multiple grab handles so they can carry it together.

WHAT’S IN THE BOX: Red Paddle Co XL carry bag, three Titan Pumps, repair kit

WHO’S IT FOR: Groups of all kinds – bring the dog, too

Length: 17’0”
Width: 60"/1524mm
Thickness: 8"/200mm
Volume: 1298 litres
Number of riders: up to 8