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Red Paddle Ride 10'8" SUP Board | 2017

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The Ride family is our most versatile but we recognise that bigger riders often look for a board offering more stability which is where the Red Paddle 10'8" Ride comes in. It has all the same qualities as the 9'8" and the 10'6" but it's two inches wider at 34"/863mm and has an extra 56 litres of volume creating a more stable ride. It's also 4.7"/120mm thick which means you get greater stiffness at lower pressure. In fact it's more than 40 per cent stiffer than a standard 4"/100mm board at the same pressure. Another benefit of the 10'8" is that you can take a small passenger on the board more easily too, which is why family paddlers often prefer it to the smaller Ride options.

WHAT’S IN THE BOX: Red Paddle Co backpack, Titan Pump, repair kit,
water-resistant phone case

WHO’S IT FOR: bigger riders and family paddlers

Length: 10'8"
Width: 34"/863mm
Thickness: 4.7"/120mm
Volume: 296 litres
Rider weight: up to 120kg/265lb