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Red Paddle Race 14'0" SUP Board | 2017

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Big, heavy race SUPs are a thing of the past thanks to Red Paddle Co and its 12'6" and 14'0" Race boards. These inflatable SUPs are long and narrow, which means they’re lightning-quick through the water but also very easy to manoeuvre and control. On top of this, they can be packed away for easy transport and storage – and despite such
excellent practicality, there’s no compromise when it comes to performance. As well as Red Paddle Co’s patented RSS system, both boards feature a rocker line designed for fast glide and ride a double nose fin to aid tracking and a centre fin at the rear to give the right amount of grip without adding drag.

WHO’S IT FOR: Competitive types – you know who you are…

WHAT’S IN THE BOX: Red Paddle Co backpack, Titan Pump, repair kit,
water-resistant phone case, removable US Box Fins, RSS battens

Length: 14’0”
Width: 26”/660mm
Thickness: 5.90”/150mm
Volume: 340 litres
Rider weight: up to 120kg/265lb