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Red Paddle Dragon 22' SUP Board | 2017

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Team SUP racing is taking the sport to the next level so we're delighted to introduce the all new Red Paddle 22'0" Dragon - Red Paddle Co's first four person race board. Don't be duped by its size! this is one fast machine and with the power of eight arms driving paddles through the water, it can reach an incredible rate of knots. The 22'0" Dragon retains the same features as most of the Race family including profiled nose, slim body and high sides, so that it rises out of the water and slices through the waves. It has eight
lateral handles for ease of transport and is also covered in an extra large deckpad with a large dragon design warning other competitors to watch out if they don't want to get smoked.

WHO’S IT FOR: Racers who thrive on team spirit

WHAT’S IN THE BOX: Red Paddle Co storage pack, three Titan Pumps,
repair kit, water-resistant phone case, removable US Box Fins

Length: 22'0"
Width: 34'/863mm
Thickness: 8'/200mm
Volume: 984 litres
Number of riders: up to 4