Cabrinha Siren 11m 2014 Model With Bar | Used

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Siren, Cabrinha's Switchblade for ladies.

Condition: Preowned, Good
Repairs: None
Complete with bar and bag

Designed specifically for women, the top performing Switchblade has been tuned to provide less bar pressure and easier steering to produce the Cabrinha Siren Switchblade.

Designed specifically for women, the depower throw is positioned closer to the rider and the IDS system activates with less pressure as standard to provide you with the ultimate in safety. The Cabrinha Siren is available in 4m, 5m, 6m, 7m, 8m, 9m, 10m, 11m, 12m and 14m sizes.

The Cabrinha Siren 2014 Switchblade remains the premiere Wakestyle Freeride kite. The Cabrinha Switchblade is designed to perform in a wide range of conditions, hooked or unhooked.

The Cabrinha Siren Switchblade 2014 is not only perfect for wakestyle manoeuvres but is also regarded as an excellent all-round freeride kite. With it's feather light bar pressure and easy handling, the bow kite outline makes relaunch super easy!

The Siren Switchblade 2014 has become synonymous with versatility. Its reliability and predictability are two of the reasons why it excels as a performance wakestyle kite as well as an all round freeride kite. The number one choice of Wakestyle riders world wide, the Siren Switchblade delivers a stable source of power which transfers into incredible pop. Once in the air, the kite will steer effortlessly with minimal input from the rider. The Switchblade is excellent for unhooked or hooked in riding in just about any conditions. If there is one kite that can back up all of the accolades being thrown at it, it's the Switchblade wakestyle, freeride kite.

The steady predictable pull and it’s ability to fly forward when unhooked makes the Siren Switchblade perfect for hitting kickers, sliders and just about any wakestyle trick in the book. In 2014 improvements have been made to increase the Switchblade’s turning speed and relaunch.

The Cabrinha Siren Switchblade 2014 is a performance kite with a direct, light bar feel, and easy handling capabilities. The Siren Switchblade excels in the competition wakestyle arena but is simple enough to make any rider feel like a pro.

The Siren Switchblade 2014 handles the task of unhooked riding by delivering a constant steady powerband. When unhooked the kite continues to fly forward, making the power predictable during your tricks. On the fly depower is extremely linear which means you’ll always have the correct amount of power for the job at hand.

Kite loops, handle passes, and rail slides are the kinds of things the Siren Switchblade calls routine. When hooked in, the Siren Switchblade 2014 has the ability to tame gusts with its high depower capabilities and proven security function.

The Cabrinha Siren Switchblade 2014 has a familiar feel of a classic kite with the increased performance and security of a flatter, high depower kite. With no pulley’s on the control system there is virtually no bar pressure.

The Cabrinha Siren Switchblade 2014 is as comfortable in professional level competition as it is in your backyard riding spot. The Switchblade 2014. Making pro level wakestyle kite performance accessible to all.

The Cabrinha Siren Switchblade 2014 has one of the widest wind ranges in Cabrinha's kite offering. The efficiency of this kite led to the creation of the “two kite quiver”. A unique condition in which two kites will handle the needs of most riders. A situation where less is definitely more.

The pin point control of the power comes from the Switchblade's ability to depower on demand. You can fully depower the kite at anytime just by placing the bar into the Override™ mode.